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Give Smart, Help More

This post is about helping people more effectively. I’m not going to try to pitch you on giving more. I’m going to try to convince you to give┬ásmarter. There’s a summary at the bottom if you don’t feel like reading … Continue reading

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Whatever Is Not Best Is Forbidden

At this year’s CFAR Alumni Reunion, Leah Libresco hosted a series of short talks on Effective Altruism. She now has a post up on an issue Anna Salamon brought up, the disorienting nature of some EA ideas: For some people, … Continue reading

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Project: Comment on Proposed Regulations

In the US, there’s a mandatory comment period for new regulations, and regulators are required to review and consider every comment. Regulators I’ve talked to have said that most comments are of low quality (either by cranks or interested parties), … Continue reading

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